Shalini Raghupathi
2 min readApr 6, 2023

Adi Parasakthi!!

So, the story is an excerpt from the Maa Kaali.

Maa Kali’s staunch devotee Durgamasur in penance cuts his hands and Kaali appears to give him a boon. He asks to win against Adiparasakthi…she denies it and leaves!

Again he performs severe penance and cuts his head…Maa Kali appeased with the devotion appears again and asks for his wish…he again asks for a win against Adiparasakthi . Maa Kali tries to explain to him the powers of Adhiparaskathi and that he could never win her,…unconvinced by her reply, he demands the win. Maa Kali ignores and tries to leave when Durgamasur screams and threatens that he would cut himself formless after penance and that she could never bring him back to life…

She gets irritated but since his devotion is true, she tells him, there is no way he could win her, but, would show him a way to collapse Adiparasakthi’s confidence and thereby leave her powerless. Adhi parasakthi has immense unconquerable mental power and has always heard only good words and praises. If only he could belittle her somehow, she would lose confidence and lose her powers one by one. Saying this Kaali disappears.

Durgamasur is ready to conquer the mighty Adhiparasakthi. She appears with such elegance and charisma ..she walks with weapons and supreme powers. He is dumbstruck by her mighty exquisite beauty, however, remembering the words of Kali…he speaks loud for Adhiparasakthi to hear….

he says her weapons aren’t sharpened enough.. she doesn’t hear!!!

He says her beauty is deceiving..

Her skin is not alluring

Her powers aren’t powerful enough…he shouts on her face again!

This moment on she listens…and there she starts to hear him say that she is dependent on powers possessed and praises she hears. He continues ..She is nothing in front of him, her creations aren’t worthy enough, so many faulty assertions and the killer woman she is…

Adi Parasakthi loses her mind slowly and thereby replaces her charisma and strength with selfdoubt.

Durgamasur waits for this momentary devastation to kill Adi Parasakthi raising his sword on her and at that moment Maa Kaali screams aloud to AdiParasakthi to wake up and that she’s the supreme power not to listen to the rant and rave!!!

There, That moment Adiparasakthi emerges shrill with eyes wide open reviving herself to conquer Durgamasur in a single blow.

Women are natural creators and nurturers. The psychological effects of belittling bring chaos to the mind but the soul remains intact. What we hear we become !!! #womenpower