Are you the Tenth Person?

Shalini Raghupathi
2 min readDec 18, 2020

Once God appeared and offered to grant a boon to a set of people. There were 10 people in the room. They came one by one and asked for a wish.

One man wished for a big business with huge returns, the second one asked for a job of great authority. While the third man sought to become a famed actor in society. There was this fourth lady who wanted to become the most sought beauty pageant. Likewise, all 9 people got their wish fulfilled by God.

When he came to the 10th person, hesitantly the 10th man asked “oh God! Grant me a life with peace and contentment”. The other people in the room laughed at him saying, “You get peace and content when your wishes from God get fulfilled. You wasted your wish” they made fun of him.

God replied, “Those who got their wishes from me can leave the room now.” He turned to 10th man and said: “ Please wait here for some time. I need to talk to you”.God left the room.

10th man

The other 9 persons in the room were inquisitive about what God offered to 10th man. They forgot the boon they got and lost their harmony worrying about the 10th person's special boon.

But the 10th person waited patiently. He remained content in the faith that God was going to talk to him someday.

Now tell me, Are you the tenth man? Or the Discontent rest?

Your thoughts decide on your life.

When you burn the greed peace is the reward.