Children’s Day 2021

Shalini Raghupathi
1 min readNov 10, 2021


What I learnt as a teacher from children…

The fascination just began

When I gazed like a fan!

Stars twinkle twinkle

sing their tunes of jingle!

In them are fragments of me

My inner child, they mime!!

Smile a little wider, giggle louder

Roar as though winner forever

Only the lions must roar huh?

Season changes the colours

Watch how we do ours!

Delighted first and tantrum follows

candid flashing fellows!!

Perfectly mirroring minions

observe and reflect on the run

never doubt the fun!

Petty joys or sorcerous toys

bet the curiosity till

emotions play the thrill!!

Wonder to wander

Bother not the grandeur!!

Apologise and absolve

with hugs and high fives

Dive to give!!

Be a rebel

Yet adorable!!

Scream your dream kinds

Preciously creative minds!!

Little buds of wisdom

Dusted with stardom!!

Energy packed darlings

Dreamy tender starlings

Greedy needy “my turn!!”

Gifted us the yearn to learn!

Little hands to hold

Never likes to be told!!

Each gives more than each

As I teach them tales to reach

They taught me how to teach!!

Brightening up my life’s hues

With their dazzling virtues!!