Foreword: writing inspired by the cartoon shared.

Walking the walk!!

Zoom and Meet —classrooms at a screen’s distance

learned the technical nuances

Exploring diverse platforms

Tutors of creative minds

Unlearning the orthodox pedagogies

Though the crux shall remain intact

shifting from chalk talk

schooling through screen talk

The talk is the ticking mayhem

Slides and other online stratagems

Directing where the light is shed

Shifting the focus to virtual feed

Highlighting the rudiments

with a tinge of sentiments

Accustomed practices yank you back

Restructuring lesson plans

Every single day, every lesson

Line wise unlearnt to be learned

Acquiring innovations to connect

Not just to the pupil, but also

the proficient parent bunch

Mindful not to totter

the numerous vigilant eyes

Quieting down the inner convulsions

Enquiring the reflections

To pilot the learning outcomes

The learning & teaching fraternity

walkíng the walk bravo!!!!