Shalini Raghupathi
1 min readSep 21, 2022


a few weeks back.
The little one now in middle school was almost ready to step out when she quickly handed the school dairy for my signature.... That was an apology letter for disturbing the class 😳quite shocking !!!
Those who knew her would know why the shock!
Maybe I gave her that look and before I could speak she told me..."Just sign it ma...It's a teamwork for class" ..I was like 🤐 Teamwork????🤔

Same day , while I was cleaning elderone's cupboard ...found an apology letter for coming late to class 🙃..My day just got better! I stopped the house cleaning..not until my head got cleared
So the evening confab.. My elder one - "Oh!! you didn't clean the other drawer didn't you.???.you can find 4/5 of those.Teacher forgot to take it from me.It happens!!" That pride in her eyes... indulgence!!
I must admit I just lost it there. #teenagermom
What I figured out .. cleaning is the culprit that messed up the day!!

1.Apology letters aren't meant to apologise/repent but written to be taken by whomsoever if they really want one.

2. when children graduate from middle school to high school , mom also should act with teenagers demeanor .... play the devil's advocate or else the conversation ends right there !Door shut!

3. we can write ✍️ without emotions.
Thats why this post!! I just emotions!