Our lovely planet

Shalini Raghupathi
2 min readSep 17, 2021


Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The Eighth celestial child

Blue is the shimmering clue

The macrocosm in a marble

Lavishly strewn with a green hue

Draped in nimbus

Spins and orbits, such a loyal entreaty

The sun and rain incessant within us

Rainbow flatters their affinity

Moisture smitten rainforests

Placid lakes alike drops of consecrations

Rivers lazing like an old stager

Gushing waterfalls and the hurried rapids

Sand storms, torrential squall lines,

Hustling winds and snowy blizzards

Tornadoes rumble, Tsunamis swell

and hurricanes scream

Euphoric as if in a trance

Photo by Frank Oberle on Unsplash

Magnificient auroras vie the twilight

Whistling bamboos grant us the evidence

Flaws are harmonious

Erupting volcanoes

anchor the fury….!

A perfect way to say

Meltdowns are our stepping stones!

Photo by Florian Hahn on Unsplash

Fowls rule the sky

Watching through the bird’s eye

Diminishes the intensity

Fine-tunes our focus on intricacies!!

Robed in majestic foliage

Trees seldom move

Yet they prove

You give from within!!!!

Complacent waves of the ocean sworn-in

confined aground, yet magnanimous

Learn it from the wise!!

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

The effulgence of lightning

Thunderbolts, the pride of giving

Clouds of energy merrier

Quenching thirsts and hunger

Pouring its sweetness down

The cornucopia that never owns

Nonetheless, the sheer magnitude

The epitome of mere fortitude

Microbes, bugs, mammoths

Beings, floras and faunas

Miles and miles of wonder

Colours of love to ponder

Makes my heart bet

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

This little blue planet

Quite impressive

seamless as the bee’s hive

Home to our homes

Seasons change, so do we!!!

Simply explorers

on an expedition here!

The enchanting beacon

right under our feet!!

Our lovely planet!!