To be is being

Sunday ponderings!!

Wise being — being wise;

To be is being — being is to be!

What are you upto — upto what you are!

All in the game — The game in all!

what you see — see what you are…

Giving for taking

the quintessential love;

Adding up but also letting go

personates the prosperity;

bewildered for the inevitable

comprises our mind;

launch the declining

seals the zeal;

opposed acceptance

aspires the desire;

To grant the emptiness

Thy being;

Good from evil

acts the action;

united to be withdrawn

holds the human connections;

potency and knowledge

signifies one’s clarity;

Success to stand the defeat

hints that one’s trying;

committing mistakes

occurs the experience!!

being constantly in the present

in such a variable where

To be there is being — being is to be there!!!