Shalini Raghupathi
2 min readDec 10, 2023


In Mahabharata , after being killed Karnan reaches his father Surya Bhagwan’s place to ask him

“ I was only honorably serving gratitude as my dharma to my friend Duryodhana standing by him at his worst time.Krishna made me give up everything,I obeyed him.Yet, traitor Krishna killed me in vengeance. Isn’t gratitude a virtue?”

Surya Bhagwan replied “ No ! Karna. Dont call Krishna a traitor. You committed a mistake. Serving your dharma is fair enough. No doubts there.However, Lord Krishna is dealing with much higher dharma than the ordinary.”

“Krishnam Dharma sanadhanam” it is .When a profound divinity enters the scene the other dharmas become irrelevant there. You should have chosen your side wisely.

Like how Vibheeshana left his brother Ravana to be with Divine Rama, Brotherhood dharma lost yet Vibheeshana thrived.

Like Bharatha who opposed his mother Kaikeyi.Serving one’s mother is the supreme dharma, yet Bharatha chose to be on the divine side.

Karna you should have chosen the divine dharmic path when you were on the crossroads with Krishna .You chose otherwise to stay with your Dharma defending arrogance and hence the destruction.”

Karnan realised his mistake and surrendered. Vrusham means Dharma. Vrushakapi means someone who is the embodiment of dharma.This is the 102nd name of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Sahasranama.

Every time there is a conflict of situation choose your side wisely.Be with the divine.