Shalini Raghupathi
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

What’s there to whine about

Words scuffle here as I read it out

the laconic icon dad

Right on time, the ever early bird

The loving authority never strict

His silent tremors subtly fit

He never celebrated us

Nor did he once belittle us

Every step of the way he was there

So distant in time and now very distant here

Little did we realise now how fragile we are

Our firewall man was the quiet protector

He took with him the string

We never knew that was existing

T’was him all the way !!

Until this day!!

Dad, someday I shall come to see you

Till then I swear to keep safe with me

The inner strength you’ve instilled

your wise ways for the path ahead

You shall remain my inner voice until last

If we meet someday I’ll tell you

How I feared of this journey ahead

Without you here but fueled with your vision

I could steer clear…matter of time !!Pa!

For this pink faced, ego free,soft spoken man’s reverie

My heart beats only to extend his legacy

..cos I am the apple of his eyes!!

My tears would only flood you eyes

So I cease to cry

Until my breath is warm and in sense

so shall remain your reminiscences deep within me!!

You are the pride we carry high !!!